Backyard Biodiesel: How to Brew Your Own Fuel


Small-scale home biodiesel production holds a singular attraction for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. While perhaps it can’t save the world, this unique renewable fuel is economical, fun to make, better for the environment, and will help you reduce your dependence on Big Oil. And getting started is easier than you think.

Backyard Biodiesel is written by two recognized experts in the field of small-scale biofuels. This comprehensive hands-on, practical, DIY guide includes:

-The basics of small-scale brewing – recipes, strategies, and technologies
-Advanced backyard analytics and troubleshooting
-Safety considerations and regulatory issues
-Topping up the tank – how to put your biodiesel to work for you.

Making your own fuel is not only possible, it is rewarding. Designed to be accessible to everyone from readers with no prior technical expertise to alternative energy buffs, Backyard Biodiesel is a must-read for any aspiring brewer, packed with everything you need to get up and running quickly and safely.

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"Cutting through the heady academic and altruistic arguments for local, small economy, Estill's captivating storytelling offers practical and can-do reality. I came away from this book filled with enthusiasm for a pro-neighborhood commercial community."
Joel Salatin, author