Reviews & Media

I grew up in a bygone era when people paid attention to the opinion of professional critics.
We would choose movies or theatrical productions or books based on the critical reviews.
Nowadays everyone is a critic.

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Here is a chapter from Backyard Biodiesel that showed up at Mother Earth News.

Here is one of my favorite all time reviews.  It first appeared in Alternatives magazine up in Canada and it is about Industrial Evolution.

And a plug from L.A. Here’s a look at Biodiesel Power from Idaho.

Here’s an interview I did in Orlando when Carol Hewitt and I were developing our Running on Local tour.

Carol Hewitt and I did a Running on Local take at a makerspace in Staunton, VA.  Here’s their story.  Here’s the NBC version.

This one makes me think I should only allow reviews from 11th graders.  Wow.  From the Emerson Waldorf School.

Here’s Micah Wilkins coverage of our Warren Wilson event in Mountain Express.

Here’s an interview I did with UNC’s paper, The Daily Tar Heel : Q&A with environment activist Lyle Estill

Here’s a full length article in the Chapel Hill News–an interview with Tim Toben about his Greenbridge experience as chronicled in his chapter.

This came in via text from Kevin Bopal while on a motorcycle sabbatical in British Columbia.  Here is a radio interview that Tim Toben and Blair Pollock and I did for D.G. Martin’s show in Chapel Hill.

Here’s a look at Small is Possible from Northern Ontario.  Check out Chat Noir.

Here is one from Michael Tiemann, the founder of “open source” writes about Small is Possible  here.

Here’s a review that I stumbled across on Google back when I used to write book reviews.

Here’s a fun review from Sustainablog. This one traveled the blogosphere. Here’s one from Nashville.

It’s nice to get noticed in Carrboro.

Here are some thoughts from Wisconsin.  And from someone in a big city out west.

Here is a long, thoughtful review from Pittsboro.

Here’s Frank Kaminski’s take from The Energy Bulletin

From the Independent Weekly. “The Wendell Berry of Chatham County?”  Wow.

Here’s one from Alaska. One from YES! Magazine.

Pat Jobe is a preacher and a poet from South Carolina.  He held a Small Stories event.  Here is his take.

Linda Watson is a novelist and cookbook author who inspires me.  She gave away a copy of Small Stories to her social media followers.  Here is her take.

Here’s Peter Bane’s review of Small Stories in Permaculture Activist

The folks at InnerSelf put of this version of Eric Henry’s chapter from Small Stories.

Here is a review of Small Stories from the folks at  Here’s Megan Toben’s chapter excerpted in Reality Sandwich.  Interesting comments.

Here’s Tarus’ take on Small Stories, Big Changes:   Adventures in Open Source » Blog Archive » Open Source Activist

Anne Tazewell’s chapter in Small Stories, Big Changes is titled Secret Agent to Change Agent.  Anne is in the alternative fuels world.  Her father was in the CIA and helped establish the oil industry in the Middle East.  She did a Pecha Kucha talk on the subject that was picked up by the Pecha Kucha creators in Tokyo.

My big brother Jim doesn’t agree with me on all points–he is genuinely big in what he does, but hey, we are brothers, and surely brotherly love conquers all.  Here’s his take on Industrial Evolution.  Sadly, Jim writes reviews for Amazon.  Here’s his take on Small Stories

"Industrial Evolution shows how the key to the very survival of our civilization lies in the rational, incremental return of commerce and innovation to the realm of the real-world, human-scaled community."
Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life Inc. and Future Tense