Chapel Hill News columns

very now and then, I write a column for the Chapel Hill News. Sometimes their links rot, so I’ve started including the columns here:

September 2009, How Industry Evolves, about our Eco-Industrial Park.

August 2009, Following the Lead of Photography, about how an industry can make severe cuts in resource use and thrive.

July 2009, Culture Wars, about our polarized little town.

May 2009, Revitalizing the PLENTY, about our local currency.

April 2009, Stimulus is Coming to Town about how the world is upside down and under water.

March 2009, Magic Bus, Magic Bus about the need for a transportation link between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill.

December 2008, Top Down Versus Bottom Up about how local food organizing efforts differ from local fuel organizing efforts.

October 2008, Waste Not Want Not, about the opening of our bio-refinery.

August 2008, The Scale of Me, about individual action in the face of impossibly complex issues.

April, 2008, Food Miles Revisted, about the state of our local foodshed.

December 2007, Coming to Concensus on Carbon. Originally submitted as “Hope and Trade,” it explores emissions trading in the United States.

November 2007, Hole in the Bucket. About my non-conforming brushes with the energy establishment.

September 2007, Inviting Sprawl In. About how our Town Fathers elected to drop a shopping mall on our head.

August 2007, Now is our Chance to Speak for the Lake. About new water quality regulations for Jordan Lake.

May 2007, The High Price of Cheap Fuel. Something to counteract the whining about high gas prices.

April 2007, Building an Oilseed Community. About how Piedmont Biofuels is about to embark on an ambitious new project.

March 2007, Hundred Mile Diet. About how my eating habits have changed now that Chatham Marketplace has come along.

January 2007, Feeling the Burn. About how we are moving carbon into the atmosphere by burning yard waste.

December 2006, Earning More Than We Spend. A gentler take on Coat and Tie Sustainability which appeared in Energy Blog.

November 2006, Wrong Business. About how we should be trying to sell flag draped coffins instead of biodiesel. Interesting that this one seems to have vanished from the News and Observer servers.

October 2006, Working Well Together About the grand opening of Piedmont Biofuels, and cooperation with Chatham Marketplace.

September 2006, Greening of Chatham About our land use and impending golf courses.

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