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Win Small Stories, Big Changes, inspiring essays by people who are making a difference!

My friend Lyle Estill is a force of nature and a natural connector. He loves bringing good people together to do great things. In his new book, Lyle gathers true tales of “agents of change on the frontlines of sustainability.” It’s one of the most encouraging books I’ve read in a long time, giving real-life examples of the challenges and triumphs of people who are making the world a better place. Lyle introduces each writer with a personal, often funny tale. Taken together, the introductions give you a portrait of Lyle himself as an activist always on the lookout for synergy.

Dipping into Small Stories, Big Changes is like getting a group hug from funny, smart people who are making a difference. Some are famous, such as Mother Earth News publisher Bryan Welch. Some I already know, such as all-around activist Gary Phillips and Eric Henry of TS Designs, which I hope soon will make Cook for Good aprons from Carolina grown, woven, cut, and sewn organic cotton. The rest I’m glad I met in these pages and now hope to meet in person.

Read Small Stories, Big Changes to rev up your courage, then pass it along to a fellow agent of change. Together, we can thrive.

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