Chatham County Line NewspaperWhen you google “Chatham County Line,” most of what comes up is about a traveling string band which hails from these parts.  Lesser known on the web, but well known around town is Julian Sereno’s community newspaper of the same name.  Long after newspapers have been rumored to be extinct, Julian soldiers on, issue after issue.  So I contribute from time to time.  Some of these pieces have appeared in my books–but here they are, as pdfs from Julian’s site:

July 2013:  Changing the Yardsticks, about energy, natural resources, and economic prosperity.

February 2011:  Borrower, Meet Lender, about the Abundance Foundation’s Slow Money Project.

December 2007:  Business As Usual, about how business people tend to be whiners.

April 2007:  Disparate Shades of Green, about sustainability and greenwashing.

February 2007:  Forget the Elephants, about how our Economic Development Corporation is misguided.

September 2006:  Our College Canvas, about Central Carolina Community College

August 2006:  The Free Hand of the Marketplace, about our coop grocery store.

May 2006:  Welfare Fuel, about how petroleum has externalized its true costs.

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