I wrote a bunch of columns for The Chapel Hill News–back when they used to pay their writers.  Most of their links have expired, but it is on my list to find copies of my columns, scan them, and push them out as pdfs.  The Chapel Hill News was part of the News and Observer empire.  They hired me, fired me, re-hired me, and finally offered to let me work for free–at which point we parted ways.  Mark Schulz was the publisher during my time with them, and I tip my hat to him in the acknowledgements of Industrial Evolution.

Here are the only columns I have been able to fish off their servers:

From August 2008:  The Scale of Me, about how peak oil and climate change are unfathomably complex and what we can do.

From April 2008:  Food Miles Revisited, about the energy involved in local food production.

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