author events

  • Events on September 21, 2014
    • Meet the Author--Lyle Estill
      3:00 pm- 4:30 pm
      Location: Durham County Library, 300 North Roxboro Street, Durham, NC, United States
      Description: A reading, and a conversation about all of my books.

      This was organized by Joanne Abel. Contact
  • Events on September 29, 2014
    • Running on Local--Boston
      6:00 pm- 7:00 pm
      Location: Workbar 45 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA
      Description: Carol Peppe Hewitt and I will be discussing how to build resilience in the community. This will be a wide ranging conversation: from feeding ourselves, to fueling ourselves, to financing ourselves. Should be fun...
NEW! from Lyle Estill

Agents of Change on the Frontlines of Sustainability

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"Lyle Estill tells the amazing story of how a biofuel company became, among other things, a worm ranch, a garlic farm, a housing coop, and a foundation. In short, Industrial Evolution reveals how a vibrant business created a resilient community, able to ride out the credit crunch, Depression 2.0, and whatever else is thrown at the folks at Piedmont Biofuels."
Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer